The one where I became an apprentice

This is a reprint from November 27th. Hope you enjoy it as I really enjoyed writing this.

So I’ve been meaning to tell more stories of my past as I think they bring some insight into who I am today. My past has shaped me greatly and I believe the biggest lesson I have learned from my past is that you grown when you get over it. When you move past the hardships and let go of the bitterness and frustration then the past becomes a valuable tool. A tool we use to grow and move forward with our lives.

But that being said I would like to share about the time I became an apprentice. Usually I like to be sly about my references but I am going to spell this one out for you as it may be a bit too obscure but when the show friends was airing not that it is an obscure show but all of the titles to the episodes start with the phrase “The one with…” Occasionally I like to do that on my posts but I’m not sure if anybody is getting the reference. Sometimes I do that kind of shit, like hiding an easter egg and hoping somebody finds it.

Anyhow, when I was growing up our family used to like to go to Pismo beach. You may know it from a very old bugs bunny cartoon but if not anyway it is a southern california beach town with a nice long pier and quite possibly the greatest cinnamon roll in the entire country. You take one bite of that thing with the gooey frosting and it can turn an atheist into a believer. They are that good. Lot’s of good memories there, great food, the beach long walks with the daschund,boogie boarding, video games even a barbecue place that John Madden use to frequent, so yeah it is very cool. Not to mention great burgers and fries at a roadside Dairy queen type place.

Okay let’s move on. The point it when I was 21 I was stumbling through life. I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life so on a whim I took all of my money out of my savings account all $5340 and something like 53cents not quite sure about the change and decided I would move to pismo beach which was about a 5 hour drive from where I was living.  Anyhow not having a trade I started thinking about how to find my niche so I got this crazy idea that I would work at the bait shop on the pier.

Now low and behold they hired me and put me through this rigorous 6 month training program. I thought this would be easy shit but there was actually this long apprenticeship that you had to go through.

So first, I have to take like this 5 week course on all the different kinds of fish so I could be familiar with what people may catch in the ocean. Then after that I had to learn how to clean the little shack that sold the bait. I had to learn all the best bleaches, what was the best gloves to use, the best broom and so on. After that I had to learnhow to dissamble various fishing poles and know the varying strenghts of fishing lines so I could recommendations to the fisherpeople,men,women,children fuck it let’s be real it was 90% men about which pole they should rent from us, what kind of line to use and what kind of weights to use,

Suprisingly enough I was kind of enjoying the tediousness of the whole situation. I was very proud. I was a young man really learning his craft. Finally after 4 months of training they taught me about bait. Yes all this was working up to me being able to identify what would be the best bait to sell to our fisherpeople,fuck it, fishermen. If I knew my stuff I could upsell them the best bait to use to catch whatever particular fish they were hoping to catch that day. After two months of learning about all the different baits there are to learn about whether it be minnows,crawdads,cod,squid,nightcrawlers or green glow in the dark rubber worms I finally finished my program and earned my degree.

So after 6 months I can proudly say that I went from an apprentice baiter to a Master Baiter.




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