I love the Academy Awards but F#$% the Red Carpet

So as you all may know I am very excited about watching the academy awards tonight. In about 35 minutes the actual show starts and right now they are showing everybody on the red carpet. The red carpet shows are such an incredibly disheartening show of shallow ness. I hate how every fucking woman that walks the red carpet we just absolutely have to comment on how she looks. Have we come nowhere in 90 years? Why do we still put so much emphasis on the looks of women? I think the message they send is  hey we are women admire our beauty, admire our sexiness, ask us shallow questions like who are we wearing but for fuck’s sake don’t grab our titties. We can emphasize our sexuality and our beauty and we want you to say we look beautiful because no way in hell we will look shabby but on the other hand it is not okay for producers or co-workers to sexually harass us. I know, I know, nobody deserves to be sexually harassed, and nobody is asking for it. But what I am saying is that I think the women should protest the Harvey Weinsteins of the world by showing up looking shitty. No make up, no fancy dresses no glamorous hairdos. In other words if a child acts up stop giving him candy,. If they really want to stir shit up take away our eye candy. Demand that when they are on the red carpet that nobody comments on their looks and asks them shallow shit like who they are wearing. I think all the actresses should demand that we talk about the quality of their work and not how good they look.  Well that the bulk of what I have to say but I was thinking if it is totally acceptable for us to comment on a womans looks and say she looks gorgeous should it not be okay to say she looks really fucking ugly how the hell does she get work? I would like to hear somebody say hey this actress is ugly as fuck and you know why she gets a lot of work? Because she’s good, not because she looks good not because she sucked a dick but because she deserves to be seen because of her talent. It will never be said but a guy can wish.

2 thoughts on “I love the Academy Awards but F#$% the Red Carpet

  1. Oh how I agree with you! I know the Harvey Weinsteins of the world are the pigs to blame but there are powerful women too, so why don’t the Meryl Streeps of the world take a stand for the less known, still struggling and still vulnerable actresses out there. Fake #metoo tattoos yet at the same time wearing a dress that costs more than what most people pay on their monthly mortgage or rent?! Eh…. Time us chicks took our part of the responsibility and womanned up! My two-pence anyway. Sophie


    1. Great feedback. I am really glad that the weinsteins of the world are getting a spotlight shined on them but it bothers me that the only way wonder woman gets made is if a literal beauty queen is in the role. Wonder woman has been played by two women linda carter and gal gadot and both are actual heauty queens.


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